Herome Bye Bite 10ml

Herome Bye Bite 10ml

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It is enriched with vitamin E, so that the nail structure is strengthened and nail growth is stimulated. This product can also be used by children because it poses no danger or risk to health.

Herôme Bye Bite USP's

- Prevents nail biting by extremely bitter taste
- Stimulates nail structure and growth
- Dries matte making it is also suitable for men
- Does not come off in soapy water
- Contains no harmful substances
- Taste only disappears once the product is removed with the Herôme Caring Nail Polish Remover

  • Extremely bitter taste prevents nail biting or thumb sucking
  • Suitable for kids
  • Strengthens the nail structure and stimulates growth
  • Does not come off when washing hands
  • Contains no harmful substances